Friday, August 9, 2013

Stories, Pictures, Rants, and Memories [100 Posts]

Hey Readers!!

 So today I'm writing my 100th blog post for Mi Nuevo Capitulo, and I while looking back today exactly three years since I wrote my first post: A New Start. It's amazing to see what a transformation my blog has gone through in these last three years just as I have also transformed and grown from that girl who clicked that "create blog" button.

Three years later I realize how relevant the title of this blog still is. We do live our life in stages and hope that we are moving on and progressing with each passing chapter in our own story.

I celebrated Milestones of reaching a thousand views, and here we are 3 years in at nearly 15,000!!

Mi Nuevo Capitlo, has seen new blogger friends, vlogs, funny stories, thoughtful pieces, lists, and many apologetic posts for not writing.

What's to come is unknown, but here I'll leave you with popular posts from my blog.

1. The Nightmare Before Halloween (Eviction from la casa de las brujas)
2. 7 Things I've Missed While Abroad
3. Student Comments 1-- 2-- 3-- 4-- 5-- 6
4. The Money Runaround 
5. Online Food Ordering
6. Your Bad Luck is Impressive 1--2--3
7. Oui What?
8. ExtranHero Abono Adventures
9. A Love Story Waiting to be Written
10. Pay It Forward

So a BIG thanks to everyone who has kept this blog going by reading and commenting. Keep a look out for more of Mi Nuevo Capitulo and CathyBean Poetry.  Here's to 100 More <3

Much Love!

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