Saturday, August 28, 2010

I've been dreaming of a true love's kiss...and a prince I'm hoping comes with it...

Hey Everyone!

So I've survived the first week of classes for my last year of undergrad. It's gonna take some getting used to getting up earlier since I'm not living on campus any more, and I have to take the bus, but it's not that bad in time I'll be a pro. I definitely have a full plate this semester, and a few bumps in the road already, but I have to keep my eye on the prize, in May I'll have my B.A. and be ready (or sorta ready) to take on the world!

As far as the title of this blog, it was the inspiration for pretty much the topic of this entry. The past two nights I have succumbed to watching first "The Wedding Date" and then "Enchanted," and although these movies are really cute, I can't help but feel a tinge of sadness at the end when they walk off into the sunset with their happily ever after, cause it reminds me that I'm without a duet.

Now, I know what you're thinking... "You don't need anyone"..."You're still in school, its better that you're single"..."You're young just have fun, don't worry about those things"..and any other phrase in the same vicinity. And the truth is I find myself saying these phrases to myself whenever that shadow of loneliness is following me.

I am aware of the fact that I have so many dreams and aspirations that are yet to be accomplished, and sharing my life with someone may mean a block in the road for those dreams to come to life. I also know that I am super busy and a relationship right now is pretty out of the question because in order for it to have a chance to be successful time needs to be put into that relationship for it to grow.

All of these thoughts are my brain saying "Cathy be logical, now is not the right time for a boyfriend, keep your eye on the prize." My heart seems to have a different plan though, human nature is taking over and making my heart year for companionship, it wants to have someone to call and say goodnight to, to have someone to hold hands with, to have someone and feel a deeper connection.

But alas, here I am alone writing this blog on a Saturday night. For over a year I have not really bothered with any romantic type relationships, but now I think my heart is noticing and really getting to the point where it's sort of like "Cathy you're overdue, time for a date" lol

So I don't know where the next few months (or years) will lead on this subject, I know I have to be patient, and it will come at the time is right, but somebody tell my heart that on those quiet nights... I'm sure I haven't seen my last romantic comedy, but I think maybe next time we'll try to pick something with action.

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Rosemary Clooney- But Not For Me

Monday, August 23, 2010

Mi Epiphany :)

Hey hey :)

The school year has started, and I'm back grounded in the 818. As I was getting ready this morning, putting mousse in my much too long (but I want to grow it longer) hair so that it would be more on the "curly" side instead of the "poofy" side, I had an epiphany. I am going to write a book :) I was day dreaming back to when I went to the Latina History Day Conference as a Latina to Watch honoree, and I was thinking of one of the many great women I met that day, Michele Serros. She is a Latina author, who has traveled on many paths of life, but despite all of the people who told her she was crazy with all her big dreams, she's an established author, and wonderful motivational speaker. At that conference I bought her book How to Be A Chicana Role Model (pictured below)

In this book, the stories were so funny I read the book every chance I got (In between all of hard core text books I was reading for school of course ;) ) As I read, I felt that the tone that Michele uses, would be the same way I would tell a story, or react to a certain situation.

So with all of this floating through my mind this morning, it came to me, if Michele Serros can write a book, then so can I, and who knows maybe one day we'll be sharing our books together at some conference.

I've come up with a great title and tag line that I'm going to with hold for now (I know I'm mean, but I'd rather go into it in a little more detail in a later blog), but I'm really excited about this new can of worms I opened up today.

I still plan on being a great inspirational teacher/professor someday, as well as a part time successful stand up comedienne, along with several other aspiration that my heart has called me to.

Well thanks for reading :) Remember comments are always appreciated <3


Monday, August 9, 2010

A New Start

Hey Everyone

So it's been a while since I've kept up a blog, so i figure with a new start, it'll motivate me to keep track of everything that goes on. It's the beginning of the end of my undergraduate career at CSUN. I'm President of University Ambassadors and LUCIA(Spanish Club). Double major in Spanish and Liberal Studies (Elementary Education).

So I hope you join me on this journey, with all my thoughts, feelings, opinions, and adventures through this time as I wrap up this chapter and figure out what the next one is.

So as I write this I'm laying on my bed in my room in my APARTMENT (not dorm) just excited for what's to come.

As of this moments I'm going to try my best to leave my insecurities at the door. I know I am a strong gringa-latina woman with an incredible future ahead of me if I so choose for it to be that way.

So look out real world Cathy Smith (yes I'm a latina with THAT last name) is inching closer to taking you over.

Much love

P/S: Comments are always greatly appreciated :)