Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Student Comments {5} and Other Random Musings

Hey hey all,

Nothing like laying in bed with a cold to catch up on blogging lol. Here are some more random musings.


 I was helping one of the teachers grade some history science exams and this is what I read:
Question: What is was the Industrial Revolution?

Answer: It was a rebolution. It was violent.

2. During lunch time at school the auxiliares and I give an English Workshop called Lunch Bunch, where we essentially play games and try to get the kids practicing english... not always an easy task when they have to do that instead of be outside playing whatever they want.

My coworker Makhala and I started the session off with a name game icebreaker. We were all in a circle and you had to say your name and an adjective that describes you as well as remember everyone's name and adjective that came before you. "Cathy is Cool, Makhala is Funny, Sara is happy... etc.

About half way though the circle one of the kids goes "Cathy is Cool, Makhala is..." So trying to give the kid a clue I make the f sound.. (F)... (F).. Makhala is (F)....at, Fat! Horrified, I said, "You mean funny, Makhala is Funny!? Quickly changing the topic and moving on the next person in the circle >.< Makhala was really great and nonchalant about it... unlike me...

2a. Along with doing the Lunch Bunch activities the auxilares also help in the Cafeteria with a mock restaurant where the kids get to eat with us once a week and speak English, as we serve them and show them table manners and the like. At the end of one of the sessions one of the first graders innocently comes up to me and asks..."Teacher are you..em-bara-said?" |Again horrified, I said, "Pregnant? No, I'm not pregnant... it's not embarasaid... that's a false friend" as I hurried her off to get back into the line.

Pregnant? No. Embarrassed? Yes.

3. With my fifth graders in English we are doing group skits. One of my groups are doing a skit about being circus people and the lion tamer brings in her sick lion. They wanted the girl who was playing the lion tamer to also act out the part of the lion, and as I gave an example (during the week that I was pretty much without a voice it came out more like this:

4. This year conversation in the staff room is pretty segregated among teachers and the language assistants... the end of one we did catch was bits and pieces of remote control vibrators at parties and other creams that give sensations... comical and awkward at the same time

5. Reviewing things a previous topics with students:
Me: Can you tell me what marks the beginning and end of the Prehistory period?
Student: P and Y... with a big grin on his face.

6. Any auxiliar can attest to this, if you ask a student "how are you?" 99.9% of the time they are going to say,
"I'm fine thank you, and you?" I've had several classes say this all in unison. Now I tell my students that there are many different ways they can answer this question (i.e... I'm fantastic, I'm sleepy, I'm okay...etc) and there is where it went terribly wrong with my 3rd graders..

Me:  I'm tired, how are you?
Student 1: I'm angry.
Me: Why?
Student 2: He's angry because he (makes heart shapes with hands) a girl.
Student 1: And she (makes heart shapes with hands) another boy.
Student 2: What? No.
Student 1: Yes, she told me at lunch to my face.
Me: Oh no, I'm sorry
Student 1: I just want to punch and kill them both, then revive the girl and (makes kissy face then quickly does a thrusting action)
Me: Stop that!
Student 2: What?
Student 1: You don't know what (thrust thrust) is?
Me: Ok, there are three uses for the word can Permission, Request, and Ability...

Until next time!

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  1. oooomg I love that dialogue with the heartbroken/raunchy student, wtf!! I would have freaked out about that too HAHAHA.

    also one of the teachers with me in hong kong was asked (by one of my students she was subbing for, oh how embarrassing!) if she was pregnant because she had an ample bosom and heeee was just confused I guess? seriously. he pointed at her breasts and went "oh, are you going to have a baby?" wtf lol kids are so ridiculous. my kids were CONSTANTLY asking if I was a boy, and if so, why was I wearing a dress? (I have incredibly short hair). looks like some babies need to be educated on gender biases lol