Wednesday, May 30, 2012

So you had a bad day...

    I hesitate to write this post because even though I get personal on my blog, I've veered from getting too personal, other than my thoughts/fears for the future, and missing people back home. Today was different, it was just one of those days. 

    I get into class with my 7th graders and I'm finishing up preparing their activity for the class about personal attributes and relationships. While I'm simultaneously cutting the cards and making conversation with the kids about what kind of exams they have coming up, and what kind of fun things they have going on during the weekend, one kid asks me, "Miss Cathy, how old are you?" I hesitantly reply, "24." He smiles and says "Really? You look like you're 18!" I smile and continue to make conversation with the entire class.  Then the little darling asks, "Miss Cathy, do you like spaghetti, pizza, and hamburgers?" I slightly brush off the the question, and continue explaining what the activity we are going to do that day in class. Then he says "Because it sure looks like you do. My heart stopped. Did he really just say that. I ignored his comment, and kept on with the class and allowed them to do their activity. 

    I probably should have sent him back to class or to the principal for a comment like that, but part of me was thinking if I do that, then I am giving that comment power. Not to say it didn't hurt my already fragile ego/self image. I've always been a big girl, and I've struggled my whole life with banter about it. Recently though, I've lost some weight. I can't give numbers because I haven't been on a scale in a long time so I don't really have something to compare to, but I've definitely noticed in the way my clothes fit, and all that jazz. Not that I really care what some 12 year old boy thinks, but it really does kinda suck. 

As class went on I also gave a talk about respect, as some of them used foul language and definitely inappropriate occupations their little adolescent male minds came up with. The last few minutes of class I allowed them to chill since our activity was pretty much done and there wasn't that much time left in class. As I was getting my paper and things ready to go, said class clown decides to open our huge window and put his head out and start flailing around from the 2nd floor! I told him to get to his seat before anything happened. One of the few moments you really think... Saved by the Bell.

Here's to a better Thursday!

Much Love,


  1. What a little asshole. I hate him.

  2. ugh sooo as it turns out boys are just the worst at any age. good on you for not letting it get to you <3

  3. I kind of want to kick that the face.