Reader Spotlight

Here is the low down on our Reader Spotlight for October 2012

Kaila, KayKay

What's your story?

I'm Kaila. I'm 21. I'm a girl from the burbs. I grew up as the middle child of my family in the outer suburbs of Chicago. I have one younger brother, one older sister, and two amazing parents. I also have a dog and two adorable nephews--thanks to my sister. They are truly my sunshine on a cloudy day.

After graduating high school in 2009, I started my first semester as a freshman at Illinois State University that fall.

 Sophomore year I had the opportunity to study in Southern California for the year!!! I attended California State University- Northridge for the 2010-2011 academic year. Words can't even begin to explain how great of an experience it was. I am now back at Illinois State finishing up my bachelors degree, and planning on hopefully continuing on to grad school sometime soon (maybe back in LA!)

Some of my favorite things to do are travel, laugh, talk, and reminisce. Sometimes people accuse me of doing too much of the third (oops!)

I'm new to the blogging world and still trying to get a grasp of the whole thing!

Your favorite inspirational quote?

"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: It goes on..."
Robert Frost

Your biggest pet peeve?

When cars cut you off and zip in and out of traffic, just to be one car ahead of you at the next red light. 

Who is your Celebrity fantasy?

I'm not sure why this was so difficult to think up, but I'm will say Adam Levine!

How did you find Mi Nuevo Capitulo...My New Chapter...?

Cathy was one of the wonderful people I had the honor of meeting and getting to know while I lived in Cali. Props to her for also helping me with starting my own blog!

How can other readers contact you?

Either through my blog:
Or email: 

Anything else?

One of my bucket list items is to see sea turtles hatch and run for the ocean. 

There you have it everyone, our very special Reader Spotlight for October Please feel free to show Kaila some love by checking out her fabulous blog or commenting below.

Thanks for reading
<3 CathyArely