Sunday, November 13, 2011

Your Bad Luck Is Impressive

Hey Hey all,

  So the title from this post comes from a new facebook friend, after I posted this blog post, and a status that read as follows:

"I would be the one to lock myself out of my apartment on only my second day here -_- better days shall come"

So yeah.. normally I clip my keys onto my purse, but I guess last Tuesday (after moving in on Monday) I was totally locked out of my apartment. So the first thing I do is buzz to get let in.
*BUZZ* answer... 
I think to myself- "Did I buzz the right apt?" 
"Yes of course I did. Well I'm 85 percent sure I did. No, I definitely hit the right button."
.....definitely no answer....
Next step, call only roommate phone number I have. 
*pull out phone*
Phone is out of saldo (curse you prepaid phones!!!)

I just put money on my phone and it says I'm out!!

Think fast, call the free number to add saldo from your phone...
...not the right number...try a different one that seems like it would be the one... nope not the right number..
Next walk over to my friend who lives across the street and buzz him, so I can add saldo online, and then call my roommate...LIFE SAVER
*Call roommate and apologize profusely for being such an idiot*
(The next day was a holiday in the center of Madrid so all of my roommates were all out de fiesta, except me because I work in a suburb, so no fiesta)
*Roommate comes on his motorcycle, gives me keys to run upstairs and then throw the keys back down to him through the balcony*
*Apologizing even more, and promising this will NEVER happen again*
He just smiles and says "No pasa nada", and heads back to his party.

It was this exchange that made me feel truly blessed to have found such a great place after the nightmare I was in.

More bad luck has followed my the last few days-

Friday, I flooded the kitchen (not that bad) because I forgot to close the inner basket of the washing machine.

Saturday, I went to go pick up something for my old roommate since she's not in Madrid anymore and on the way to the place there were a bunch of museums and beautiful buildings. So I took  out my camera about to shoot take a few pictures, and my battery was exhausted...all I could do was laugh.

So I guess I do have some pretty impressive bad luck...but I'm happy where I am right now. It was my first weekend "partying like a spaniard...ish" and now it's back to reality with lesson planning, cleaning, among other things...

As of right now my room isn't set up yet due to lack of funds and still in battle for my deposit, but as soon as I can I'll give y'all a new video tour of my place.

Thanks for reading!

Much Love,



  1. omg! lol I'm so sorry. when it rains it pours right? I hope things are going well now. ah, expat life ^_^

  2. Oh no! I hope things get better for you.

  3. I'm so glad things are going better for you now!!! And I literally lol'd when I saw that picture of the out of minutes thing. Happens to me every week... wtf!? Hahaha!