Friday, November 25, 2011

Student Comments of the Week 2.0

Hey Hey all,

  I have a few ideas going for a good update, just working out the kinks, but I wanted to share some student moments I had this week before they drift away into the sunset lol.

Background- As an assignment I have all of my students bring me a word that they looked up in the dictionary/google translate every time they come to my class, and then we'll talk about it. Well this was the first week I was enforcing it, and I guess some of the students misunderstood and hadn't looked up the word. So as my students were writing, one girl comes up and writes on the board two words.


So super teacher Cathy (lol) goes into the in depth explanation that a hoe is a garden tool (since I didn't know the exact word for it) and drew a picture of it on the board, and proceeded with hoeing was the verb of using the hoe in your garden, and just as we wrapped up I quickly added-

"Oh if you hear this in a song it probably doesn't mean the garden tool, they are probably saying that someone is (being) a puta"

And smoothly transitioned to crutches :)

Background- My 1st Year Bachillerato students (equivalent to Juniors in High School) were on the unit of music in their English books, so my activity for the week was a mixed CD with 21 songs. I told them there would be songs they liked, songs they didn't, songs they didn't know, and after each song they would tell me what they got out of the song. I put 1-21 on the board and the students were blindly choosing the next piece. Well No Scrubs by TLC came out as one of the songs.

Me- Has anyone heard this song before?
Class- No
Student- When did this song come out?
Me- 1998, 1999 ish
Student- We were born in 1997
(Dagger to my heart...I'm not that old! lol)

Anyway hope you all enjoyed it, new blog entry to come including Thanksgiving activities and my first trip to the doctor.

Hasta Luego!



  1. This is great! I never felt more old than when one of my students added me on facebook and I saw they were born in 1996.