Sunday, September 23, 2012

I'd Be Safe and Warm... If I was in LA

It's getting colder and I know back home people are getting to enjoy beautiful California I'm jealous!

And a little homesick, especially after reading this post on my original real blog, about the comfort of coming back home. 

I guess skype makes it all a little more bearable, I had a wonderful conversation with my niece who is going to be 3!

For now, I guess it's just California Dreamin'....

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

11 is the Magic Number- Liebster Award

Hey all!

 So today in my post Glee episode gloom, I found out that, Joyful Sparrow,  one of my new blog friends from 20sb nominated me for the Liebster Award (pretty much for bloggers with not such a great following to get more connected and out there in the world)! Anyway so pretty much here are the rules-

1.  Post 11 Facts About Yourself
2. Answer the 11 questions from the blogger who tagged you
3. Leave 11 questions for the bloggers you tag
4. Spread the love and tag a few blogger friends. 

So Here we go!

My Deetz-

1. I like taking pictures of myself

2. I am a singer, dancer, poet (my work is here), actress, not too good drawer
3. If it were safe and sanitary I would walk around barefoot everywhere. 
4. I have a new found addiction to the game Parchis

5. In the 3rd grade I had an 11th grade reading level. 
6. I'm a sucker for nostalgic moments

7. I lived in Puerto Rico for 4 months.
8. I was trapped in an elevator for 2 hours in New York City.
9. I am a college graduate, first generation on my mom's side.
10. I've worn glasses since I was 4 years old.

11. I want to fall in love. 

My Answers-

1. What song describes you best?

I would have to say "I Didn't Know My Own Strength" by Whitney Houston (RIP). After all the trials that I've had to face through the years, and especially this one, my ability to bounce back never ceases to surprise me.

2. What is the best part about where you live?
Well I just wrote two blogs talking about my top 10 favorite things about Madrid, but if I had to choose one thing that I like best it would be being so close to so many historical destinations- Rome, Paris, London...<3

3. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
Despite enjoying my European stay and longing for a New York chapter of my life, I know that the place that I will forever call home and settle down in is California.

4. Your Perfect day would include...
My family coming to visit me, and sharing with them all of the cool opportunities I've gotten to experience.

5. What are you looking forward to?
Getting Paid!! Lol, and starting off year 2 in Spain on the right foot!

6. If money were no obstacle, what would you do with your time?
I would put on a Broadway show that I would star in, of course!

7. Your Favorite Item in your closet is... little red dress ;)

8. In an hour you will be...
almost 1 am, so hopefully closer to falling asleep!!

9. What countries have you visited, which was your favorite?
Spain, France, Italy... I would say I have to hand it to España!

10. Where do you see yourself in 20 years?
Ha! I don't know where I see myself in 2 years... but that's besides the point. In 20 years, I hope to have a family, and work at a job that I can help my community either in Law or Education or both.

11. What are you currently reading?
Embarrassing... I've succumbed to the pressure of my peers... I'm reading... 50 Shades Freed.

Now It's Your Turn!
Your Questions-
1. What did you have for breakfast this morning?
2. What was your first kiss like?
3. What is your favorite day of the week, and why?
4. What is something you want to improve about yourself?
5. Who is your idol?
6. If you could be any part of a sundae, what would you be and why?
7. If you could only take 3 items with you to a deserted island what would they be?
8. What is the best song to sing at Karaoke?
9. What would you want as your last meal?
10. Backstreet Boys or NSYNC?
11. What is the most valuable thing a person can have?

Thanks again to Joyful Sparrow, for my first award! Hope it's been fun :)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

5 (More) Things I Love About Madrid

Hey Everyone,

  So earlier this week for my 1 year anniversary, I posted 5 Things I Love About Madrid, and of course in a year you accumulate (hopefully) more than just a few things that you enjoy about a place, so I've decided to add a few more.

6. Food

Spanish cuisine is great! Although different from the various spices we're used to having in foods from other cultures, Spanish food is a category of it's own. From tortilla de patata (spanish omelette), paella, lentejas (lentil stew), the varieties of ham (which I have yet to convince my sister it is not bacon), salmorejo, empanadas, and so many other great delicious dishes to choose from.

7. Culture and diversity

Madrid has so many cultural activities that you can take part of. Go to the Prado Museum during the day then a flamenco show at night, or a brazilian jazz concert, or an English improv show or a capoeira workshop . Take day trips to go and see the house where Cervantes was born, and the list goes on and on.

8.  Fiestas!
The nightlife in Spain is no joke. I mean the party doesn't even start to get crackin' until 3 am, and there's usually a decision in the morning if you should either have breakfast or go to sleep. With always something fun to do partying in Madrid is a good time. On top of that you have traditional parties or festivals that towns all over the country do year round for added fun! This year I went to Las Fallas of Valencia!

9.  Getting/Staying Healthy In Spain is so much easier!

Since I've been in Madrid I've lost a good amount of weight (still an ongoing battle), but I really think that it was easier for me to start accomplishing my goals because Spain has a generally (not always) healthier lifestyle. Groceries are cheaper, people eat fruit for dessert, going for a walk is a frequent activity, climbing all those stairs to get to your apartment.

10. Mis Amores!


All of the great people I've met here! You really can make a place 6,000 miles away from where you were born and raised feel like home, I know these people (definitely not all pictured) have been a huge part of that, and that this experience wouldn't have been as valuable.

Well there's my top 10.

What are some of the favorite things you have about where you are?

I've also did a list of 7 things I Miss While Abroad.

Thoughts and comments always appreciated!

Catch ya next time!

<3 CathyArely

Bloggin' Like A Boss...

8,000 pageviews!! Thanks everyone for being a part of my blog experience :)


Friday, September 14, 2012

5 Things I Love About Madrid

Hey Hey all,

  So today marks the 1 year anniversary of my landing in Madrid. How fast 365 days go by. Since I wasn't able to go see my friends and family this summer like a big chunk of my Spain Posse, I decided to make a list of things that I really enjoy about this place that I'm in so that I'm not thinking so much about who I'm missing back home, because I mean... I LIVE IN MADRID! So here's my top 5 (in no particular order).

1. Transportation

Need to get to the other side of the city? Commute out to a suburb? The Madrid metro is a great way to get to where you to be. For those of you who don't know me well, I am not really that fond of driving. Here, all I have to do is pop on my headphones and I get to where I need to go either by bus or metro!

2. Pace of life

Despite being a big city capital the Spanish lifestyle at times (when you're not trying to get something productive/bureaucratic done) can be comfortably slow. Taking a stroll, or sitting and enjoy a coffee or tinto de verano (wine with lime soda), or a beer for a few hours is not seen as a waste. Take the time to read the newspaper daily, or a book. 

3. Theater- Madrid Players and beyond

Yes, I know I come from California, the place where everyone who heads to follow their dreams, but I have found a special niche here in Madrid. With our September show debut tonight (Sept 14), it's been nice to feel needed, appreciated while doing something that I love so much. In addition living so close to the city center there's access to all of the big musicals that come to Madrid like the Lion King.

4. Travel

Being in Europe makes it so much easier to travel to major destinations since they are so much closer. I've enjoyed Spring Break in Paris and a tour of Italy. Now onto plans for Portugal, London, Barcelona, Ireland, Berlin, and so many other places before time runs out.

5. All Spanish All the Time (mostly)

Creo que es obvious that I like Español very mucho (well actually Spanglish). Being in Spain let's me hear and enjoy the marvelous language all around me, and of course the opportunity to fine tune my idioma skills. 

Originally this was supposed to be a top 10 blog post, I've run out of time so keep an eye out for a part 2 at another date.

Here's to a great season 2 of Madrid life :)

<3 CathyArely

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Year Summed Up In A JPG

Although some people remind me that... it's actually the summary of my life. lol


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Sunday, September 9, 2012


In the chaos
We seek neatness and order
We create borders and categories
Everything has a place or a label
So we are able to be organized
Not realizing those who are victimized
By being itemized into the big picture.
If a pen made it into a box of pencils,
It wouldn't be the end of the world,
But what if it were a girl?
Does she lose her identity 
Because society can't see her as an individual?
Where dual roles hardly exist
And people can't resist
The urge to criticize, idolize, and disguise all the wrong things
Brown skin is Mexican
Almond eyes are Chinese
Unable to seize control over perception of people's misconceptions.
"So it's a tiny mistake," they say.
A mistake that erases the traces of what makes people who they are.
Leaving scars on the souls unseen.
Sometimes the way people think becomes the reality
Instead of bitter
Let's go for better
Create the dialogue
Get out of the fog
The world is more complex than you think.

Hey Everyone,

       The poem above was inspired by a conversation posed in one of the auxiliar facebook groups I'm a part of., in where some people thought it was okay to use as "just a descriptor" the word chino for Asian. It bugged me, and therefore I went to work to express it with pen and paper (and now laptop and internet).
      I'll be the first to say that I am not perfect. I don't always say the right thing. I laugh at times at things other people may not find funny, but I guess it's not being perfect which makes us human. I also categorize things because it makes it easier to talk about, but just because a poodle is a dog, doesn't make all dogs poodles. 
        I've dealt with this many times with so many people assuming that if you speak Spanish you must be Mexican. I've gotten all sorts of responses like: "Ugh, it's all the same," "Isn't El Salvador, like in Mexico?" "Well I'm usually right, when I call someone Mexican." or even worse yet with an attitude "Do you speak English?"
   The problem with labeling people as certain (and sometimes exclusively) things, then we lose the various dimensions that make up our world, and de-value aspects of people.

Tell me what you think. Let the discussion begin!


Sunday, September 2, 2012

September We Meet Again

Hey Everyone, 

    I can't believe September has made it back to the front of the calendar. In just 11 short days I will have been in ONE YEAR! It amazes me how much has changed in these 12 months. I've grown so much as a person, and more comfortable into my "adult" skin. Surpassed so many things that in their moment were the bottom of the barrel. Now, I look onto this next year with even more optimistic eyes than I had in 2011. I mean everything started a little off from visa complications about a staple to FUNDamental problem with my cash flow. 

Even this blog has had its ups and downs. Almost a year ago I was ecstatic about reaching a thousand views, now I'm over 7,000!  Reader Spotlight has been a great way to get to know people, although a bit slower now, since the comments now are far and few in between, but a new year means new prospects. 

What are y'all excited about for this coming year?

Thanks for reading.