Tuesday, July 26, 2011

50 Day Song Challenge- COMPLETE! :)

Hey Hey everyone!

So today I finished the 50 Day song challenge that I had started on facebook. If you don't know what that is, pretty much it's a list of prompts that you find a song for, once a day, for 50 days. So I thought it would be cool to share it with you all in one place my blog. So here it goes:

Day 01- Your Favorite Song
India Arie- Video
Feel good song, keepin' it real :)

Day 02- Your Least Favorite Song
Web Star- Chicken Noodle Soup
It's songs like this that make me really believe that I can get a record deal someday.

Day 03- A Song That Makes You Happy

Avenue Q- Schadenfreude
I know it's kind of messed up but you gotta love it :-P

Day 04- A Song That Makes You Sad
Don Omar- Muñecas de Porcelana

Day 05- A Song That Reminds You of Someone
AJ Rafael- She was mine
Love has no distance, baby no...

Day 06- A Song That Reminds you of Somewhere
Guru Josh Project- Infinity 2008
Jammin' at el 8 de Blanco in Puerto Rico!!

Day 07- A Song That Reminds You of a Certain Event
Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better
Improv Final 2011- Jon and Mary Claire did great <3

Day 08- A Song You Know All The Words To

Will Smith- Just The Two of Us
...Just like me we can see, gonna be tall, makes me laugh cause you got your dad's ears and all...

Day 09- A Song That You Can Dance To

Pitbull- Bon Bon 2010
I didn't realize I used the same song twice, oh well, I'll dance to anything... :)

Day 10- A Song That Makes You Fall Asleep

Michelle Branch- Something to Sleep to
In my mind everything we did was right...<3

Day 11- A Song From Your Favorite Band

Black Eyed Peas- One Tribe
One Love <3

Day 12- A Song From A Band You Hate

Korn- Freak on a Leash
Hate is such a strong word...but this'll do

Day 13- A Song That Is a Guilty Pleasure

2Gether- Calculus
Talk nerdy to me <3 U+ME=US

Day 14- A Song No One Would Expect You To Love
El Potro de Sinaloa- El Vaso Derrama
Don't get me wrong though...a girl can only handle so much banda...

Day 15- A Song That Describes Me
Jordin Sparks- This Is My Now
Cause it is...

Day 16- A Song You Used to Love and Now You Hate
Offspring- Pretty Fly For A White Guy

Day 17- A Song You Hear On the Radio Often
Bruno Mars- Just The Way You Are
Her eyes, her eyes...

Day 18- A Song You Wish You Heard On the Radio
Defying Gravity
I'm a sucker for showtunes <3

Day 19- A Song From Your Favorite Album

Brandy- Have You Ever?
My First Album too<3

Day 20- A Song You Listen To When You're Angry
Terron Brooks- Down
Why complain about tomorrow when today the sun is shining all around...

Day 21- A Song You Listen To When You're Sad

Carrie Underwood- So Small
Just a grain of sand...

Day 22- A Song You Listen To When You're Happy
Owl City- Fireflies
How can you not smile?

Day 23- A Song You Want to Play At Your Wedding
Gabe Bondoc- Life Love Everything
Now I just have to find someone to get married to...

Day 24- A Song You Want At Your Funeral
Whitney Houston- Count on Me
My anthem...cause you can count on me...

Day 25- A Song That Makes You Laugh
Avenue Q- What Do You Do With A B.A. in English?
Just so many from Ave. Q to choose from :)

Day 26- A Song You Can Play On an Instrument
Pomp and Circumstance- Graduation March
Band Geek <3

Day 27- A Song You Wish You Could Play
Alicia Keys- A Woman's Worth
Or anything Alicia Keys plays...

Day 28- A Song That Makes You Feel Guilty
Ludacris- Runaway Love
I know I am a fortunate one...

Day 29- A Song From Your Childhood
El Bard0
My momma would sing it all the time

Day 30- Your Favorite Song At This Time Last Year
Eminem- Love the Way You Lie

Day 31- A Song You Sing In the Shower
Ave. Q- There's A Fine, Fine Line
Between Love and a Waste of Time

Day 32- A Song that Uplifts You When You're Feeling Blue
India Arie- Beautiful Day
Life is a Journey Not a Destination

Day 33- A Song You Never Get Sick of Hearing
NSYNC- God Must Have Spent
90's kid all the way

Day 34- A Song That Reminds You of A Family Member
Christina Milian- Am to Pm
We made a good routine :)

Day 35- A Song You Find Annoying
Huey- Pop, Lock and Drop it

Day 36- Your Favorite Rap Song
Montell Jordan- This Is How We Do It
Woot Woot

Day 37- Most Listened To Song On Your Music Player
Tommy Torres- Fin de Capitulo
Story of my Life

Day 38- A Song You Would Perform In Front Of People
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
And I did a few times

Day 39- Your Favorite Song from The 80's
Irene Cara- What A Feeling

Day 40- Your Favorite Song from The 90's
Destiny's Child- Say My Name
7th grade talent show :)

Day 41- Your Favorite Song from The 2000's
Natasha Beddingfield- Unwritten

Day 42- A Song You Hate But You Listen To Anyway
Ke$ha- Tik Tok
If You can't beat'em, join'em

Day 43- A Song that Evokes Good Memories
Brad Paisley- Ticks
Jammin' at 3am in Torre Norte

Day 44- A Song that Evokes Bad Memories
All American Rejects- Dirty Little Secret
Oh No I Won't...

Day 45- Favorite Song From A Movie
Aladdin- A Whole New World
The first movie I saw in theaters

Day 46- A Song You Wouldn't Sing at A Karaoke Night
Celine Dion- All By Myself
Lol that is not for the public's eye

Day 47- Best Girl Singer Song
Selena- Dreaming of You

Day 48- Best Boy Singer Song
Chayanne- Atado a tu Amor
My fave

Day 49- Best Party Song
Pitbull- Bon Bon 2010
See...used twice..oh well... let's party lol

Day 50- Best Duet
James Taylor- You've Got A Friend
For my Bestie Josie

Well there you have it folks 50 days all in one place. Please feel free to click on the song name to go to the youtube video of each song. You can comment on my choices or let me know what yours are for any particular day. I hope you all enjoyed the challenge as much as I did...thanks for following, keep up with me on fb for the last 10 days of the photo challenge. Until next time, comments are always appreciated :)

Much Love,

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Past-Roots, Present-Life, and Future-Seeds...always intertwined

Hey Hey all!

So I think this is good, within 10 days of my last post I'm creating a new one (go me!) lol actually I was inspired to do this post a few days ago, but alas the calling needs of the PRESENT at times prove to be an obstacle.

What actually inspired this was a conversation that I had with my abuelita (grandmother). She was telling me about her life in El Salvador. She shared with me things that I hadn't known before. What stuck out the most to me, is that she was telling me stories about when she was La Presidenta for the board of her community, San Vicente. She had also been a leader in the church. She was someone who spent time raising funds for good causes, helping out people who needed it. This struck me because it shed light onto where my ambitions come from. I always knew that my family supports me in my endeavors, even as crazy as they seem. What I failed to realize is that perhaps my knack for leading isn't something that just sprouted out of nowhere because I thought it was a good idea, it was something that was in my blood my PAST driving the FUTURE.

There are so many more stories that I'd like to get out of my family before it is too late, although I am scared to, because I know it can provoke horrible memories of a tragic time in a place where some of my raíces-roots come from. This semester I took a Central American Studies class and reading about stories from that area, just makes me more hungry for that personal history. I need to know those stories, so that I can pass them down to my children, and grandchildren, and make sure they know their raíces. I'll find the courage to one day open that Pandora's box, I guess I just need to figure out the right way to do it without unleashing too many demons.

Speaking of demons... lol Last week was a very tough week. At the courthouse there was a situation that made me upset, because I felt helpless against the system in order to help one of the many people who come to see us there. Even after it was all over my body still felt tense and upset, for the rest of the evening. To make matters worse, that day I received a letter from CSUN stating that I hadn't completed the requirements to graduate. Right there stress levels through the roof, rant all up on my fb page, makin' phone calls trying to get business handled. After a trip to the valley, a few phone calls, and emails later, I can say my diploma's in the mail! Just waiting for me to rock the FUTURE and show the world what I can do as ALUMNI.

So I guess what I'm going to take from all of this is that from the roots grows what life may be, from there we bask in the fruit life gives us, and leave the seeds to replenish our future--lol I guess I'm feeling a little extra poetic today.

Thanks for reading. Comments are always appreciated :)

<3 Cat

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Plays, Papers, and Machines....Oh my!

Hey All,

Seeing as we inch farther and farther away from my last post, I thought today would be a good time to update everyone on what's been going on :)

So first of all, as I'm sure won't come as a surprise to anyone that knows me, In true Cathy fashion I have filled up my schedule pretty well for the summer. Yes, I know that it's summer and after the kind of semesters that I put myself through at CSUN I should be enjoying the chance to do NOTHING, but alas I don't think I could stay sane that way.

The first thing that got tacked onto the agenda is "Play On" an play being put on by RHS Alumni :) At first it was very strange to be back, especially given the fact that I was pretty much the oldest alumni of the bunch, but now things are better. I went from understudy to regular cast this week, so come check me out as 'Smitty' at Rosamond High School August - 11, 12, 13 and 18, 19, 20.

I also started volunteering at the Self-Help center at the AV courthouse. The Self-Help center is a place where people go to get help on certain paperwork that needs to be turned in to the court be it divorce papers, evictions, domestic disputes, child custody...etc. This too was overwhelming at first, because all of those papers look the same, and the girls that were already volunteering there go through them so quickly and their eyes know exactly where to go and where to check, and where to see whats missing. For the first few days I was shadowing the other volunteers, but last week they "threw me to the sharks" and had me do a divorce. I know its the only way to learn, but I guess what is most intimidating is that you're dealing with people's lives when you're handling this kind of paperwork.
A lot of people have asked me why I would go out and do something like that, when I don't have to, or because it's really depressing hearing about other's hardships, but I guess there are a few reasons why I'm there. One, I guess it makes me feel more like I have a purpose for my summer, not just lounging lazily cooking in the desert heat. Two, law school is still a good possibility for me and I have set a goal to get over 100 volunteer hours this summer before I head out to Spain. Lastly, other than looking good on my resume, I actually do like helping out my community, and if I can give back a little bit by easing someone who is going crazy because of a million forms then that's great :)

Something that I have committed to doing this summer is something that I've been griping about my whole college career not having time for...I got a gym membership! I'm really excited because it's like I graduated college, now it's time for a new me. Still trying to get a good routine going since everything is still kind of far from my house, but I'll get there :)

OH! I got my letter with the details of my job!! I'll be working with middle school and high school students! It wouldn't be my first pick, but I think everything happens for a reason, and perhaps I'll learn some things about myself along the way :)

Thanks for reading!! Comments are always appreciated!! :)