Friday, December 2, 2011

Online Food Ordering

So...with the my whole back thing, and roomies/buddies gone for the weekend. I didn't have very many options for dinner tonight. 

I could either make a bowl of hungry jack mashed potatoes (which I already had for lunch), make some pasta (which would have taken longer than I am comfortable standing at the moment), or get delivery. 

I'll take door number 3, please.
With a quick google search I ended up on, which is essentially like Grubhub order online, and get food delivered to your door. After looking through my options, and seeing when things were open, how much was the minimum order/delivery fees. I went with a hamburger meal from an Italian/Argentine restaurant (the irony, I know). An hour later I was happily eating my mini meal for 8 euros delivered to my door. 

This quick exchange, reminds me of not one of my best moments lol. 

Last year right before final exams, I was a big mess, boys were dumb, I had gotten the flu, sprained my ankle/knee at work, and the biggest assignments of my life were due. Again I was in the same predicament about food, and went with ordering and pasta and salad from Dominos.

So given the state that I was in I can tell you I was definitely not lookin' fine. The delivery guy came to door,  and gave me my order, the slip I had to sign for the purchase, and a gaze like whoa. He wasn't bad looking just like 5'4, and I my friends am 5'11 (refuse to believe I'm over 6 feet lol). So I went on to eat my food, and finish agonizing over my personal life and professional life if I didn't get my capstone paper done. 

Like an hour later there's another knock at the door, and it's the delivery guy. He comes back with the excuse saying he didn't remember if he brought me ranch for my salad, and then asked to use the restoom. I know, I know this is the big red flag, no don't ever let a stranger in your home, but alas I did. I think at the moment I thought the awkwardness of saying no, was worse than my personal safety (as I said, not one of my best moments)

So he comes out of the restoom, stands right in my living room, and just stares at me. Then here is the exchange we had:

Him- Can I tell you something?
Me- Umm...sure...
Him- You are very beautiful.
Me- Umm...Thank you.
(He still just stands there staring no movement, awkward silence)
Me- Algo mas? (anything else?)
Him- Oh you speak Spanish where are you from...
(A few more quick exchanges, now in Spanish and him telling me more how HERMOSA I am...and me telling him that I am awfully busy with lots of work to do)
Him- Can I give you a kiss here (points to his cheek)
Me- Okay, can you please leave?

And he leaves in peace...

I know, I know...stupid Cathy... I felt so guilty afterward thinking of what could have happened, what could have happened to my roommates because of my stupidity, but I guess I handled the situation the way I did because at the moment I thought, if I'm mean to him, he might snap, just go with it and ease him out...which is what I did. Totally got creeped out by every dominos car I saw whenever I waited for the bus for the next few weeks going to school.

Well there you have it folks another one of my (mis)adventures, I figured a good laugh was in order. I know most of you probably think I'm crazy for ordering online again after that lol but a girl with no paper and only plastic has only so many options...and no crazies tonight.

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Hasta Pronto!



  1. I think you handled it well. Your instinct was good, and you got him out of there without further inappropriateness on his part.

  2. Hi, I am a lurker on your blog, but wanted to comment on what happened: you shouldn't feel guilty, you basically did whatever was necessary to get him to leave. The point is, he left without incident.

    I really don't know what in the world he was thinking to do that!! My mouth was literally hanging open when I read that. Glad everything turned out okay!

  3. No participating restaurants in Oviedo =( I don't know about in Madrid, but I feel like there are NO takeout places here! with the exception of Doner Kebab but I've had it twice and now I'm bored with it. Eating in a cafe alone is *awkward*.

    We all have our moments where we think, why did I do that? I don't think that was that bad. Once I went to check out a coffee table I saw on Craigslist and I met a man at an abandoned warehouse in a super sketchy neighborhood in Baltimore City. And I had brought my little sister with me. Nothing happened but whenever I think about it I get so mad at myself because she was with me and what if something had happened, I would never be able to forgive myself.