Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Oui, what?

Hey Hey Everyone, 

   Spring break has come and gone, along with my birthday, and now I'm left with a few stories to share with you all. 

    My sister and some of her friends came for Spring Break with the incredibly horrible mediocre trip planner I am the itinerary for the week was as follows: Friday-Sunday Madrid, Sunday-Wednesday Paris, Thursday-Friday Malaga, Saturday- ship the girls back. All of this meant a lot of early mornings, a lot of packing and repacking, but overall it was an adventure.

Since so much time as gone by I've decided to share this post in comic-ish form. Enjoy.

Hopefully that was a breath of fresh air, I actually had a lot of fun creating these. Until next time!



  1. Love the comics, Cathy! You have such a knack for it.

  2. Thanks Mike!! ExtranHero was definitely an inspiration. Now only if I had the artistic skillz.