Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mo' Money, Mo' Problems?? I wish...

Hey Hey all!

I'm back, and here with the relief that MY VISA PAPERS ARE IN. All there is to do now is wait for the mail :)

My packet that I had to turn in...including a $18.73 stamp on that envelope -_-

It was a semi-smooth adventure, in the race against time to get to the consulate on the 2 trains and 1 bus I needed to get there (which I thought I'd missed when I got off of the train, but there was another bus right behind it-whew!). Once there it was the same kind of hostile environment that I anticipated after watching this video (which also inspired me to keep a mini stapler in my purse lol). I was called to the window, handing the clerk every document that he asked for. Then came the FBI background check, apparently the wording by the notary was off and the slight rip due to the staple situation mentioned in my previous entry, was enough for him to go ask his supervisor if they were going to accept it or if I would have to jump through those hoops again. Fortunately, they were going to accept my imperfect apostille, but that's all that matters.

It's a big relief to have that part of the process over and done with. Once I have that visa in hand I'll be able to get my plane ticket, and this whole thing will be just a little bit more real.

Speaking of reality, the part that inspired the title for this entry- I really wish that my problems came with the fact that I had too much money instead of my situation which is Imma be hella broke lol.

So this summer I was not able to find a job and save that extra cash for my European adventure, instead I'm resume building at an internship at the courthouse. Spending money on gasoline and other expenses for this whole visa process, keeps my bank account dwindling down slowly.

There is a harsh reality that I have to face is that the $2,000 I have saved to get myself there and sustain myself til I get paid, is probably not going to be enough. Why? Because as soon as I get to Spain my $2,000 turns into €1400. Those €1400 have to get me started and last me until I get paid at the beginning of November? Oh wait but there are a bunch of upfront costs when I get there, right? First month's rent and a deposit on an apartment, bus pass to get around and figure out how I'm getting to work, odds and ends like outlet converters for my laptop, and of course food. So essentially even though I am now a college graduate my lifestyle will continue to be that of the poor college student. Given the economy and my ambitions I can't help but feel like I might someday end up holding a sign similar to this man:

Of course I kid, I kid, but it's realizing that I am going to have to lean on those who have supported me the most through everything, my family in order to keep my head above water for a while. As my good journalist friend Ashley puts well it in her article for the Daily New in LA- we are reluctant to ask for help because we feel accomplished but circumstances don't leave us any other choice. Don't get me wrong, as soon as i get to Madrid I am going to be scouting to give some private lessons and live as cheaply as I can, we'll just have to see how it goes for now.

That being said, with all of my future money woes pending, I am trying to hold onto every penny I have as long as I can. A dilemma I am facing now is that there are a lot of important people to me that I haven't had the chance to say my last "goodbye" to. My family lives about 70 miles from the concentration of friends that I have, and gas alone to get down there is a pinch and then whatever we decide to do, be it dinner or whatever is another few expenses that I don't know I can afford. I'll have to figure out something in the next few weeks, whether it be sucking it up and shelling out a few bucks to that my heart can be content in the hardest of times when I'm homesick in Spain, or set up some skype dates and hope for the best. 

Any thoughts or advice?

As always I'll keep you all on the up and up on what's going on. Thanks for reading, and comments are always appreciated :)

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