Monday, August 15, 2011


Hey Hey!

   As I'm sure you've noticed by now, I did a few changes to my blog. If you didn't notice, then it's probably your first time here, so welcome :) lol.

Anyway...Recently I have been reading the blogs of others who either are going to Spain this year, just like me, or were in Spain in the past, or both. Seeing all of the different blogs and how cool they were sort of made me feel a little inadequate in my blog creating abilities jaja.

Which in turn made me change the background, a separate about me section, and photo section, with comment abilities so that you all can tell me what you like or don't like.

So here we are with a fresh look for our fresh adventure that is just around the corner. I'm sure I'll be checking the mail every day now. But once I have that visa, I'll buy my plane ticket and all of this is going to feel a little more real.

Thank you for reading. Comments are always appreciated.

<3 Cat


  1. I love your quote "fresh look for our fresh adventure." I'm sooo excited for Spain, and I am also chasing down the mailman everyday to see if my Visa is here :)

  2. Lol thanks for the comments girl, I'm working on adding a few new elements too so keep an eye out.

    lol now that i think about it everytime I hear the word fresh "In west philadephia born and raised.." pops in my head.

    We gonna be international girls fo sho!