Tuesday, August 23, 2011

498 Hours

So it's official I'm leaving to Spain on September 13, 2011. 

That's 20 days, 18, hours, 15 minutes and 58 seconds from right now.

And as one of my fellow auxiliar bloggers and I were commenting. It's a tricky balance between keeping yourself calm. Like "Who cares if I'm traveling half way across the world to live on my own as a real adult for the first time, without family for friends? No big deal. Piece of cake." and then you have the part that is like "WOOO HOO!!! I'm traveling to Europe suckers!!!"

So that is where I am currently at. In between- let me hide  under the covers for the next 3 weeks til I have to go out into the big scary world, and dancing around because the adventure of a lifetime is right around the corner. And as my HAU Little Kathy pointed out to me very bluntly "Well you really wanted this, so you're gonna go and suck it up like a big girl." Hahah yes ma'am

As a side note and tip for those who are planning to travel. Tuesday is the BEST day to buy your tickets. I don't know why they are cheaper, but if you're getting airfare try to get it on a Tuesday, I saved a little bit of money along the way, which we all know is a good thing. 

Not that I saved enough money to get the ticket that I really wanted, which was LA to NY to Madrid. So I could say g'bye to some special people I have on the East Side. But I'm not going to complain, because I know that I am blessed, and for the next 498 hours I'm going to try to keep that balance until my feet touch European soil (or cement lol).

Thanks for reading. Comments are always appreciated.

Much Love,



  1. How funny! My boyfriend and I also noticed the tuesday thing, but for some reason, the week we wanted was different. It turned out Monday was cheaper! Good luck with planning! :)

  2. Exciting that you'll be going so soon! In what city were you placed?

  3. @Kirstie- I'm in the Madrid region, in a city called Majadahonda

  4. I am ALL to familiar with the dancing around the room yet going to hide under the covers feeling girl...SO TRUE!