Monday, February 10, 2014

S Club 7 {Student Comments #7}

Here is the most recent compilation of Student Comments (Check out #  1-- 2-- 3-- 4-- 5-- 6)

My class of fourth graders are talking about daily routines. They are asking me questions:
Student 1: Cathy, when do you watch TV?
Me- Mmm Actually I don't really watch TV.
Class- *Gasp* Wow! Really?! Omg!
Student 2- What do you do then?
Me- I prefer to be on the computer.
Student 3- Ni tele en los bares?! (not even at the bars?)
Me: lol

Me- What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Student- Pencil.
Teacher- Just because it's in the shape of a pencil doesn't mean it tastes like a pencil. You mean you like chocolate chip.
Class bursts into laughter.

Grading exams for academy.
Question: Say what you and your partner are wearing.
Student. I am wearing a black hat, white socks, and red trainers. She is wearing a blue jacket and white trainers.
Me- And that's all you're wearing? -_-

Yep that's it. Hat and Shoes.

Student 1: "¿Cathy, tú entiendes lo que estamos diciendo? (Cathy, do you understand what we're saying?)
Student 2: Si ella habla mejor español que nosotros. (She speaks better Spanish than we do.)

Like a Boss!

Student- How old are you?
Me- *holds up fingers (2) (5)
Student- Quince! (15!)
Me- hahah I wish!

Pretty close to 15 yr old Cathy

In my adult class at the academy, the students were taking turns interviewing each other with a questionaire out of the book. Essentially answer the questions from the person to your left and ask questions to the person on your right.
Question- What is your favorite form of transportation?
Student 1- I prefer flying because I think it's faster..../cut off
Student 2- I disagree
Student 1- Yes, but this is MY moment.
Group bursts in laughter

As a teacher who runs will inevitably always run into students at the grocery story I have seen that they fall into different categories. The ones who hide behind their parents and shyly wave hello and those who come running down the aisle saying "HIIIII CATHYYY!!" Both groups will procede to remind you that they saw you the next day at school. lol

Well that's all folks thanks for reading, comments are always MUCH appreciated!! Until next time! Hasta Luego!


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  1. Always love your student posts!!! (I've been MIA from blogging so I'm catching up on all your latest posts, and of course i love it!)