Tuesday, November 1, 2011

La Angelita

Hey Hey Everyone,

   I know I've been fairly light on the updates with all of the juicy details of life in Spain, but things have been going down, and once all is well in the world I'll let it all out lol.

I wanted to do a quick post since it is a new month, meaning a new READER SPOTLIGHT. If you don't know what that is...it's where the first comment of the month gets featured in the READER SPOTLIGHT section of my blog up there to the right ;)

Anyway...back to my mini post. I wanted to share the kind of funny experience I had on Halloween... Mari and I just came back from Leon (another post on that trip to come as well...) and we decided to meet up in Sol then figure out what was going on from there. Unfortunately, she was running late which meant I was waiting for here in the Plaza for like half an hour. (Sidenote sorry Ms.Beyonce that things didn't work out, I'll explain later and we'll have a real blogger meet up next time <3 )

The funny thing about Spain in Halloween is that instead of just dressing up, everyone sort of takes the scary version of everything. So as I was waiting I saw about a million zombies, devils, grim reapers...etc. Well I, Miss Cathy, decided to be an Angel this year...(so fitting I know ;) ) So I stuck out like a sore thumb...the funny part was that since I was apparently so unique people were taking pictures of me as if I was some famous monument or something, and asking to take pictures with me lol. I don't know on how many people's fb I'm going to end up on jajaja.

The other pretty funny part about all of this is that since I stuck out, I was kind of a target for all of the scary being in their own fun to jump out and scare me. The trouble is that ever since I was younger I've been a big scaredy-cat, super jumpy. And my lovely evil cousins would love to take advantage of that and scare me all the time. So I developed a defense mechanism that would automatically smack them when they scared me. Well apparently my body hasn't forgotten about it so when people in the street did it, I the first guy I hit in the stomach, the 2nd group of ladies I almost hit in the face but was able to stop myself, and the third guy got hit in the gut too...lol i just couldn't help it...SELF DEFENSE!!

Well there's my mini-(well maybe not so mini) update. Leave the love. I love and miss you all.

<3 Cathy
AKA- La Angelita-


  1. Lolol. It's okay Cathy, I once accidently hit a monster in the face in a haunted maze. You can't stop reflexes!!

  2. Yay! I finally figured out how to properly comment on this thing.
    Yes, I'm technologically slow.


  3. Haha, that's too funny. Glad you're having fun in Spain!

  4. Awww, I'm sorry we didn't get to meet up :( I've been meaning to write you all week. We ended up doing to same pub crawl again but it was fun. We definitely still need to have our meet-up!!