Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Dream

Hey Hey all!

So after one month of being here in Spain and a series of semi-failed outtings, I still haven't gotten quite into any kind of groove or routine that is even close to the social world I'm used to. Today I decided to let the ink hit the paper just flow. Here what I came up with:

P.S. The Australia reference is based on this-

Non Student Moment of the day-

Scene- me at a bar in an attempt to meet people

Me- Are you from there (pointing to this guy's shirt that says Australia)

Him- Yes, Where are you from?

Me- Los Angeles

Him- Why do Americans always say exactly where they're from?

Me- Well the US is such a big country

Him- Well So is Australia...

Me (in my head)- Well thanks for making me feel like an asshole -_-

Until next time!



  1. Don't let it bother you. I always say I'm from the United States and the next question is ALWAYS, 'what part?'

  2. from the way it's written, that guy just sounds like a jerk. I've just spent like the last hour reading through your blog and I can totally relate to a lot of the stuff you write about wanting to be here and come here and yet missing home. I feel so lonely here! I'm in Oviedo (Asturias) so look me up if you ever travel up this way!

  3. Hey girl, I know this is such short notice but I'm actually coming to Madrid this weekend!!! Me and my friend are taking an overnight bus and arriving first thing Sunday morning and staying until Tuesday. We're def going out and we're dressing up for Halloween (I'm going to be Beyonce lmao) so you should def come with us!!! And no worries, the creepers always mess with me so you should have a great time!