Sunday, September 16, 2012

5 (More) Things I Love About Madrid

Hey Everyone,

  So earlier this week for my 1 year anniversary, I posted 5 Things I Love About Madrid, and of course in a year you accumulate (hopefully) more than just a few things that you enjoy about a place, so I've decided to add a few more.

6. Food

Spanish cuisine is great! Although different from the various spices we're used to having in foods from other cultures, Spanish food is a category of it's own. From tortilla de patata (spanish omelette), paella, lentejas (lentil stew), the varieties of ham (which I have yet to convince my sister it is not bacon), salmorejo, empanadas, and so many other great delicious dishes to choose from.

7. Culture and diversity

Madrid has so many cultural activities that you can take part of. Go to the Prado Museum during the day then a flamenco show at night, or a brazilian jazz concert, or an English improv show or a capoeira workshop . Take day trips to go and see the house where Cervantes was born, and the list goes on and on.

8.  Fiestas!
The nightlife in Spain is no joke. I mean the party doesn't even start to get crackin' until 3 am, and there's usually a decision in the morning if you should either have breakfast or go to sleep. With always something fun to do partying in Madrid is a good time. On top of that you have traditional parties or festivals that towns all over the country do year round for added fun! This year I went to Las Fallas of Valencia!

9.  Getting/Staying Healthy In Spain is so much easier!

Since I've been in Madrid I've lost a good amount of weight (still an ongoing battle), but I really think that it was easier for me to start accomplishing my goals because Spain has a generally (not always) healthier lifestyle. Groceries are cheaper, people eat fruit for dessert, going for a walk is a frequent activity, climbing all those stairs to get to your apartment.

10. Mis Amores!


All of the great people I've met here! You really can make a place 6,000 miles away from where you were born and raised feel like home, I know these people (definitely not all pictured) have been a huge part of that, and that this experience wouldn't have been as valuable.

Well there's my top 10.

What are some of the favorite things you have about where you are?

I've also did a list of 7 things I Miss While Abroad.

Thoughts and comments always appreciated!

Catch ya next time!

<3 CathyArely

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