Friday, June 22, 2012

A Series of Awkward Events

Anyone who knows me, or who has been keeping up with my blog, knows that I am not always as smooth as I'd like to think I am. Just like I don't update my blog as often as I'd like to... but here and there and in between posts I have managed to get myself into a few situations that definitely changed my facial expression. And of course I have to share my hilarious misery. 

1. Not Smarter Than A Fifth Grader

     So, one day on the way out of class a girl stops at the world map in my classroom and says, "Miss Cathy, what is the capital of Florida?" Gut reaction immediately says '"Miami". I flinched and said, "No, Orlando" Third whim comes and I say, "Actually, Tallahassee sounds about right." She gives me a most perplexed look, and I simply tell her, "You know what... look it up on google" 
     A few days pass, and in a bright and early 1st period with my 3º ESO class this boy out of the blue asks, "Miss Cathy, what is the capital of South Carolina?" I quickly search the minor database that is my brain and come up with nothing, come to think of it... I couldn't name a single city in South Carolina if my life depended on it. So again I fell back on "I really have no idea, look it up on google, and bring it to me tomorrow," and there went another heartbreaking disappointed face out the door. I have failed Ms. Eubanks, and every social studies teacher that hath crossed my path (oooh still got the poet skillz lol). My legacy to my it. -_-. Next Year I Shall be more prepared (hopefully) with a smartphone and this app:

2. ReMix...

At my the graduation for my student's there was a some great entertainment (including a student band who did their version of "Stacey's Mom", and everyone smiling and bopping their of the most hilarious things I've seen). The last act was my one of my co-workers from the English Department's band. So as most of the guests were enjoying refreshments I stayed a true fan and recorded the performance. The next day I told my co-worker I'd email her the files, so she can have the memories.Well one of the videos was too long, so I ended up putting it on my youtube account so that I could send her the link. Well when I was emailing her the link, I was also in the middle of checking out various music that had been recommended to me, and I didn't notice that I copied the wrong link. So Monday morning I'm all eager to have her check out the email, and she opens it up in the department meeting and it's this video:
So embarrassed at least it wasn't this song.

3. Seeing stars...not a celebrity sighting
It's Friday night, time to kick it with the homies, and have some fun, after a long week of work. My Spain BFF invited me to go see a concert at a bar because on of the guys playing in the bad was the friend of her boyfriend's old roomate lol. I'd had a migraine all day, but decided to still go and hang out since the band sounded interesting. A few songs into it, I was really groovin' but my head started bangin' to its own beat. At one point, I yawned, and my friend kind of jabbed me, and from then I was in "Okay Cathy, gotta stay awake, yawning at a concert is super rude mode." One minute I'm trying to not yawn, and the next minute all I hear is "Get her glasses, get her glasses!!"...and in a fog I'm like "Yeah... my glasses" Trying to stand up having a bunch of people hover and help me get rushed to the restaurant part of the bar and a getting asked if I'm epileptic and the server bringing me a coke to cool me down. After the lightheadedness went away the bashfulness set in with all of the strangers coming to ask if I was okay. One fellow in particular came back 3 times to ask how I was doing, and all that jazz. By the time we were leaving I thought I should pay the courtesy to say bye and thank him for his concern. As I walked away he asked if maybe I'd wanted to get together some time, so we exchanged numbers, and I thought it maybe it wasn't a bad night after all. Thing is a few days later I got a text that we should go grab a bear and I should make sure to bring my beautiful blonde friend with me..  uber fail. Next time I'll remember band camp lesson #1- Don't lock your knees!

#4. I'm all Juiced up

Losing weight has definitely had it's perks, health-wise and confidence-wise. Not exactly the case when you wake up late and  put on whatever you can find running out the door to catch the bus with or without your belt, or suspenders or a freakin' rubber band! Well the other day I felt that downfall [pun intended] after having a morning juice with co-workers after our department meeting. I went to pay my share only to find that my wonderful co-worker had already taken care of it. In the midst of a feeling of confusion and gratitude , I let my guard down, and my jeans went with it...(sadly enough anyone who was in the RHS Marching Band from 2002-2006 can tell you that this isn't my first time). So in a not so swift motion, I grabbed them and went running without looking back. No more bocadillos de jamon con tomate for a while... que verguenza...

5. Seriously, dude?

So on what I'd like to call the Madrid-Season One Finale, aka last night going out together before my group of friends goes home for the summer, I had an interesting metro ride. I mean granted I'm used to having my transportation as a form of entertainment from time to time, but this was definitely out there. So for the special occasion, I pulled out a dress out of my closet to go have a night on the town. On the ride over to my friend's house the metro was pretty packed so I just stood in a corner on the side where the doors don't open. A few stops later a group of guys hopped on. Since there were no available seats a couple of them decide to plop down on the big deal...until a few minutes later one of them is trying to slyly lay on the ground and look up my dress. Surprised but keeping my cool I just moved over to the next car, rather than kicking him in the face.

I hope my woes have brought at least a tiny bit of sunshine to your day!

<3 Cathy

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