Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Out with the old and in with the New... Welcome 2012

Hey Hey Everyone!

   Hope everyone rang in the New Year in a good place with those you care about :). I'm sorry for the lack of posts (blog/facebook/otherwise), I guess I just kinda figured that since nothing positive was going on, I didn't want to keep putting negative vibes out there.

2011 wasn't just about negative vibes, actually a lot of super fantabulous things happened during 2011. As I read  through my blog throughout the past year, I found myself surprised at how eloquent at times I can sound (and modest, I know). 

My first blog post of the year called it a transition, and I couldn't agree more (with myself haha). Such an eventful year, I was La Presidenta, visited NYC for the first time, graduated from college, moved to a foreign country, got pretty much kicked out of my apartment, found wonderful amazing new friends while reconnected with old ones, and got to know the wonders of the the Spanish healthcare system

Despite the clouds and the bad luck that may have shadowed the tail end of 2011, I still consider it to be a great and inspirational year. Not only did I accomplish a goal I'd been working toward since the age of 5, I also found a new outlook on life. I'm at a crossroads considering options I would have never thought would be in play.

This blog for example has come SOO far in the past year, and has given me ambitions to do things, that I perhaps would have found silly in the past. At the beginning I had 2 followers 250 views, and 3 comments...and I'm very proud of what this has become/is becoming. This blog has inspired me to keep writing, in more ways than  one

Many thanks to our spotlights of 2011- Kenya, Jackie, Crystal, and Kathy. Remember new month means first comment gets go be the spotlight. I hope my idea is allowing there to be a semi community here on my blog. 

I'm going to keep this short because we have the whole rest of 2012 to keep chatting it up. Just the mini  update for those of you who are concerned, I started physical therapy today for my back. It is still difficult to walk, but hopefully its a step in the right direction to getting the real Cathy back.

Much love to all my readers, here's to seeing more of a good 2012

<3 Cat

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