Wednesday, December 14, 2011

La Baja Medica

Hey Hey Everyone!!

      So update on my back situation, I went to the doctor today after a rough Monday (more on that below), and he's referring me to get rehabilitación (my guess, like physicial therapy), and no work until I finish it, 15 days minimum. With Christmas Break creeping up I get until after New Years to get better (YAY!)

   I'm really thankful that the doctor is giving me the time to recuperate, because getting home almost crawling/crying is not the business, not to mention feeling embarrassed you're the youngest one on staff side and you're limping around practically needing a cane. 

Monday, for example, in the morning I was fine, or at least as fine I can get in this condition. Monday also happens to be my longest day of work for the week, so even though I had just come back from a few days of bed rest, it still was too hard of a hit to my recovery process. So at the end of the day, after taking the second dose of medicine that I'm on, the effects of the medicine didn't really kick in when I needed them to. This left me in a lot of pain for my 40 minute commute via bus/metro/walking home. Given the pain that I was in, I guess I wasn't paying that much attention, and I fell off the bus. Yes, you read that that right, I fell off the bus. For as long as I can remember I've had bad ankles that roll all the time, and on Monday when I stepped off the bus my ankle rolled and there I fell. No worries though, I'm fine, at first glance so far it hasn't made my situation any worse, so I guess just another bad luck situation. So all I need to do tomorrow is call in to school and see about getting them the paper that says I'm supposed to rest at home and figure out how to get my paycheck then keep on keepin' on with the HEALING PROCESS. 

In other funny, semi-related news....

  Yesterday I played poker with my roommates and their friends being accommodated in a different chair that was more comfortable than the rest given my situation. I felt fine sitting there so I thought maybe everything was okay, but it was a BAD IDEA. I was in alot of pain last night and therefore couldn't sleep and went to bed at 9am after my morning dose of the medicine I'm taking. Well the mix of sleep deprivation/meds made me KNOCK OUT! Actually I would probably call it a coma, because I would think if I was knocked out I would have woken up by...3 maybe 4 pushing it. What time did I wake up, you ask? 6:30 PM! The only reason I woke up at this time was because my roommate came to my room to tell me I had some mail!

A very wonder blogger/auxiliar friend Jules decided to be wonderful in my time of need and send me a present from where my raices are from, EL SALVADOR!  

The M key-chain is to represent the new last name she's baptized me with (Murillo Maradiaga de Vega) because I have a very "apple-pie" name :) 

I'm also very grateful for this gift because my doctor's appointment was for 7:10, and if my roommate wouldn't have come come in to give me the envelope I probably would have still stayed in my pain induced coma and wouldn't have the peace of mind I have at the moment or be writing the blog now. Since I was all panicked and rushed over to the doctor, I didn't even realize until I was on my way home that I had put on my pants inside out. I just smiled to myself and went on my merry way....recovery soon to come!!

Just a little backwards

Thanks to everyone who's been supportive of me and sending positive thoughts, and thanks for READING!

Until next time,



  1. Good Lord, woman! What a trial you are going through... Keep putting one front in front of the other (and I suggest holding the handrail).

  2. I hope you start feeling better soon. Spine related injuries are the worst!