Monday, February 13, 2012

Hey Hey I'm back or Oh my back!

So I'm gonna tell the truth... (like I always do of course...) I started this blog post at the beginning of February already embarrassed that as it was because for 2012 I only had one blog entry. I guess breaking resolutions isn't exclusive to weight loss.

In terms of the title there have been moments in my absence there have been other words I've wanted to use that end with ck... (Of course I mean 7th and 8th graders are talking about animals). Actually things have been pretty rough lately, and that also has to do with my being away from my wonderful public for so long. I didn't want to contaminate all of your good vibes y'all got going.

So the short version of the story one of my roommates kind of got into it with the rest of them, which created an atmosphere where you could cut the tension with a knife. All the negativity around me really affected me along with all of the bad luck and still not catching a break, it really created a Cathy that I didn't recognize. I lost my monthly bus pass (due to a definite dazed girl moment), my phone wasn't working to call the insurance company to deal with more hassle to get things done to investigate on my back, and every situation that came my way was not seen through the normal Cathy rose colored lense.

All of the pressures coming from different directions and my own change of thoughts led to me not pulling through with the Vagina Monologues, which I'm still not sure if it was the best decision but at the moment I'm determined more than ever to not be this sad person who I don't know. This sad person who bursts into tears on the bus ride home for reasons unknown to me.



 I'm currently taking a part of a show choir, which is doing a show at the end of April and through that I'm learning a lot of things and getting the chance to get a blast from the past with my performance days. Also all of these experiences have led me to be able to bring to light a better talent, NEW POETRY! 

I also have my room all mounted which means a long awaited new house tour soon to come.

Alas I'll leave you for now loves gotta work tomorrow, but here's to a brighter day (despite my arguments with the weather here and what I'm used to in Cali).

Much love ~ Hasta Pronto~


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