Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011- A Transitional Year

Hey all,

I'm sorry for being away for so long (not that I really have a following anyway... lol) but the good news is that it's a new year, which means new opportunities to seize, new adventures to have, and new lessons to be learned. I know I've said this in the past, about how I am going to write more in this blog, keeping the world updated on what's going on in my mind, but for reals this time (lol) this year I am going to give myself that extra push to document myself in what is what I call a transitional year.

Why Transitional?

The year 2011 is going to behold my last semester as an undergrad. The cherry on top of the sundae that I've been building for the last 18 years. The close to the long run (pretty much my whole life non-stop)of being a student, sitting at a desk and listening to someone fill my mind with knowledge. The rest of 2011 is an unlit path as of yet. Right now, I am hoping that it is a path that takes me to Spain to work there, and if it's right, to attain my masters there. 2011 may have other plans for me, so I'm going with an open mind and open arms. It's time to continue to be a student but allow the knowledge ahead to come from sources of life lessons and experiences, not a book that is going to give me the answers.

So as the days go by that path is going to come a little closer to light, and I'll keep you all posted along the way (if you read this make sure you bug me to update haha).

Another good note, in reference to my last post, winter break has given me a great opportunity to catch up with most things on that list, especially sleep!

Well until next time peeps! I hope everyone has a great 2011! Let's rock this. Comments are always appreciated :)

<3 Cat Things to be excited for in 2011
- Graduation: May 25, 2011 @ 6pm
- My 23rd Birthday- NYC!! Apr 2-12
- Spain!! (or whatever else the next phase is)

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