Saturday, December 10, 2011

Little Things...

Hey Hey all,

 I've wanted to post this week, but I didn't want to leave my blog as a place only to complain. So instead of being a Negative Nancy (lol) I just took a mini hiatus (not long I know...). 

One of the needles from my injections...
So here's the story with my back. After all of my injections last week, by Sunday night/ Monday Morning I was about a 2.7 on the pain scale, and things were looking up. I went to work, taught my 1st period class, went to the English Department meeting, got my check, cashed it, and headed back to school for my four remaining classes.

After the first two I ended up in a very painful situation, and by the end of the day my pain had shot back up to a level 8. The bus/metro/short walk home instead of being 45 minutes was 2  hours because I had to stop every few steps for the pain. Close to my apartment I actually ended up running into my roommate and her whole family with their luggage on their way to a trip to Senegal (great first impression... -_-).

Tuesday, I tried to/had to (since it was a holiday) sleep it off, but I was still back up to a 7/8 range on pain. So Wednesday I took a taxi over to my doctor appointment, and he gave me some different meds. These have been working, it's still a slow but sure recovery process. 

So with all of this going on I'll finally get onto the GOOD thing that happened that inspired me to write this post (among other writing I've been doing). Today, I finally went grocery shopping. After a week of take-out/cups of milk or potato flakes for a meal/borrowing my roommates shampoo, I was able to go grocery shopping. That in itself was an interesting experience, figuring out what to buy/stock up on, but only enough that I could carry back without a problem. 

Once in line for the cash register I was behind 3 people. The first was a girl who wanted to pay with her card but was under the 12 euro minimum, so she went to go get things to make her purchase enough...wait wait wait...good thing I wasn't in a hurry, especially since I knew it was going to take me a while to put the stuff on the register/bag my own stuff. The second lady passed through at a normal pace, and the third, the old man in front of me wanted to pay for his 2 bottles of vodka with his envelope of pennies. Again...wait, wait, wait, but I didn't mind (the cashier sure as hell did though, lol). So it's finally my turn put my things up, and a bag of noodles just rips open all over the floor (can't get rid of this bad luck!). 

Other than the pasta, I slowly but surely bagged my groceries and hobbled on home. When I got there and put my food away. I couldn't help but feel emotional. I mean I was so happy/proud of myself for doing what I just did, GROCERY SHOPPING! It's funny what kind of simple things we take for granted, but not having been able to do it myself (and the stubborn independent person I am insisted I do so...), finally being able to complete it just meant so much. Progress. 

Granted, I sat and watched half of El Clasico (Madrid v. Barcelona soccer game) after and the pain came rushing back to me, but I'm sticking with this minor victory amongst the things that have been against me lately. (My keychain that says my name that I've had since 8th grade fell to pieces in my hands as I was getting ready for school Monday). So I'll take my one win for now...let's pray December has more victories in store....

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