Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Past-Roots, Present-Life, and Future-Seeds...always intertwined

Hey Hey all!

So I think this is good, within 10 days of my last post I'm creating a new one (go me!) lol actually I was inspired to do this post a few days ago, but alas the calling needs of the PRESENT at times prove to be an obstacle.

What actually inspired this was a conversation that I had with my abuelita (grandmother). She was telling me about her life in El Salvador. She shared with me things that I hadn't known before. What stuck out the most to me, is that she was telling me stories about when she was La Presidenta for the board of her community, San Vicente. She had also been a leader in the church. She was someone who spent time raising funds for good causes, helping out people who needed it. This struck me because it shed light onto where my ambitions come from. I always knew that my family supports me in my endeavors, even as crazy as they seem. What I failed to realize is that perhaps my knack for leading isn't something that just sprouted out of nowhere because I thought it was a good idea, it was something that was in my blood my PAST driving the FUTURE.

There are so many more stories that I'd like to get out of my family before it is too late, although I am scared to, because I know it can provoke horrible memories of a tragic time in a place where some of my raíces-roots come from. This semester I took a Central American Studies class and reading about stories from that area, just makes me more hungry for that personal history. I need to know those stories, so that I can pass them down to my children, and grandchildren, and make sure they know their raíces. I'll find the courage to one day open that Pandora's box, I guess I just need to figure out the right way to do it without unleashing too many demons.

Speaking of demons... lol Last week was a very tough week. At the courthouse there was a situation that made me upset, because I felt helpless against the system in order to help one of the many people who come to see us there. Even after it was all over my body still felt tense and upset, for the rest of the evening. To make matters worse, that day I received a letter from CSUN stating that I hadn't completed the requirements to graduate. Right there stress levels through the roof, rant all up on my fb page, makin' phone calls trying to get business handled. After a trip to the valley, a few phone calls, and emails later, I can say my diploma's in the mail! Just waiting for me to rock the FUTURE and show the world what I can do as ALUMNI.

So I guess what I'm going to take from all of this is that from the roots grows what life may be, from there we bask in the fruit life gives us, and leave the seeds to replenish our future--lol I guess I'm feeling a little extra poetic today.

Thanks for reading. Comments are always appreciated :)

<3 Cat

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