Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wrap up- A Year in Photos

Hey all,

  So year two has officially rolled in, but before I get into that in my next post I wanted to sort of do a summary of my year in Spain in photos... enjoy :)

My room at my coordinator's house when I first arrived
Rally for Public Education
My first meal in Spain!
(After the ramen noodles I had brought from home)
PR BFFs meandering Madrid!
Trying to not get my food eaten at La Casa de las Brujas
First Trip out of Madrid!
Notes from Students
An American Thanksgiving in Spain
White Elephant Exchange!
Reyes gift from roomies <3
10 sessions going on 35... it was a rough journey

In the Circle of Life!
First Trip post injury... LAS FALLAS!

Sister Spring Break- Malaga, Spain

Madrid Players Debut

Italia! Leaning tower of Pisa

Primo Reunion in Rome!
A view of Granada from La Alhambra

Last Stack of Journals to grade

Interway Summer Camp July 2012

HaU in Madrid!

I'm an Au Pair

Madrid Players- September Serenade!
Now time for round two and a whole new set of photos... probably with a new camera too... once I have the money :-/

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  1. love the picture of the Leaning Tower of Pisa!