Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Round Two- Let the Games Begin!

Hey Hey all,

   So some of you may or may not know... but I was really sweating my future for this year because some unfortunate ideals, I was booted out of my old school. When I contacted the ministry of education to check on my status of getting reassigned to a school, the lady had said I was put on a wait list... OH NO!! For weeks I was contemplating worst case scenarios in my head as if they were a Glee marathon. 

Last week, one of the ladies called me and told me "We're going to give you a placement, today." That's it. I was calm as I awaited the email with the details during my rainy relaxing weekend in Valencia. 

Come Monday morning (the day I was supposed to start class), my inbox had not been graced by the message I was expecting. So I got up, and went over once again to the main office. It was kind of funny because as I was passing through security, I already had my id out and my bag off my shoulder to put it through the xray. The security guard was surprised and then just laughed and commented about how I wasn't a stranger to the house anymore. When I got to talk to the lady in charge, she was surprised I wasn't at work (umm... I would be if you had told me where I needed to be). She recalled the conversation we had but apparently forgot to give me the crucial information. So she looked up where I needed to be. When I asked where about in the city the location was she phoned the school to get a better idea than google maps, and before hanging up she said, "Okay great, your new auxiliar is on her way..."

Umm... what?

Actually I wouldn't have found this a problem if I had been prepared, but because I went to the office with the expectation I was going to be shooed away for another few days, I went the office in jeans, a hoodie, and barely brushed hair... not really the kind of first impression I wanted to make, but I sucked it up and went on over.

I initially had mixed feeling about my placement. I was very apprehensive because the school is located pretty much at the most inconvenient metro stop, but I was excited because it's still on the metro line so I would be paying less for my transport! I was also grateful because I had been put into an elementary school, finally getting more relevant use out of my degree, and away from apathetic teenagers (even though I'll miss my kids).

When I got to the school they said they weren't expecting me for another month since the ministry told them I was from the waiting list... even though i was hired since Thursday... oh isn't communication great? I went to some classes for the rest of the day, and got a hug from some of the 2nd graders on my way home (!!)

So many things are on my side this year... great kids, supportive network and fellow auxiliars at my school, and I can't wait for what's ahead. Of course I'm sure the Cathy-like misadventures are sure to keep occurring... like my dress being tucked into my underwear on my way to work this morning.... but let's just keep our fingers crossed that's the worst of it all.

Thanks for reading!! Ready to Rock Year 2!

@Cathy Arely


  1. This was lovely. All the very best for coming months & may you have a blessed year ahead :)

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  3. LOL I'm so excited for you babe!! You deserve a great year of teaching after such a harrowing bureaucratic odyssey :D

    1. Gracias Amor! I need to do some catching up on your blog! Here's to a good year for the both of us! <3