Monday, October 22, 2012

See You Eventually

They stood looking at each other through the windows of the trains, taking in what could quite possibly be the last moment their eyes would meet in an unknown amount of time. As the idle wheels let them share this moment remembering all the camaraderie their eyes fill with tears as they go off in opposite directions. -Cathy Smith

This was me and my friend DeAnna today as we parted on the Madrid metro- seriously something out of a movie. She's headed back to the states, and I'll be here continuing on this Spain adventure for a few more months. It was a bitter sweet goodbye. The kind where it's like you know you could possibly never see this person again, even though you're gonna try to make sure that doesn't happen. I went through it when my semester in Puerto Rico was over. It's amazing how in such a short amount of time certain people can touch your life. Of course this doesn't make people back home any less missed, but I guess it's a different feeling knowing you'll come home to them. We had a great run as the Ying and Yang of Madrid Players. This one's for you D!

 How do you deal with goodbyes?

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