Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Made for the Movies!

Yep that's right people I'm gonna be famous...or at least that's my hope...sort of. Actually, I don't know what I want lol.

It's kind of funny you don't know what kind of impact you're going to have on the world. My knack for being in different things has always gotten me some sort of recognition even if it's just people remembering my face, coming from a small town helps too. My recent brush with fame actually came from this blog. I was walking into the metro, and this girl goes "I'm sorry to bother you, but are you Cathy?" This definitely caught me off guard since this was Madrid not the Antelope Valley or even CSUN. I warily said yes, and the girl told me that her friend was like my biggest fan, and that she couldn't wait to tell him that she ran into me. Definitely a good boost of self esteem. Also a very good friend of mine showcased me on her blog with one of my latest. So for those fans out there I'll apologize again for my lack of posting updates.

For a long time I've said that I wanted to be that kind of inspirational person that they make a movie about the impact that they've made. What really interests me is the movies like Freedom Writers, Coach Carter, or Stand and Deliver is the influence that these people have made,and that people think that that influence is important. With all of the struggles I've had to overcome in these last (almost) 6 months, it made me laugh at the fact that for so long I've had that dream, but I never really took into account the trials part of it all lol. 

Anyway, in the mean time feel free to check out our New Reader Spotlight for Feb/ March or some CathyBean Poetry. I'll leave you all with a new photo of me and my new haircut. Future famous person, or lawyer, or teacher, or poet, or singer, or comedienne, or whatever else may come my way.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Thanks for the spotlight!!!

    I should probably try and blog one of these days but been so busy!!