Saturday, March 17, 2012

Baby will you Walk me home?

Despite an evening that was pretty rocky,  A few interesting things came out of my walk home-
On Gran Via-
1. A guy said hola guapa as we were walking toward eachother than when he walked passed me he licked my arm as a lioness would her cub
2. Guy wanted me to take a picture with is friend.
3. Guy says hola guapa and caresses my belly as he walks past me
4. On Calle Tutor 1 block away from home a group of drunk people picked up a thrown away hotel uniform hat and threw it at me
5. I realized only when I got to the door that I didn't have my keys because I switched purses, and woke up my roomie to let me in at 5:30 am...Oh bless him ♥

That is all.


1 comment:

  1. I have been in Spain for many years but still donb't have the courage to go for an 'Hola Guapa'
    Well done on your blog success.