Sunday, April 8, 2012

Self Censored

Hey Hey all,

 As usual I'll start my blog off with an apology for being away longer than expected, but I really am trying to make this a project that doesn't get forgotten or left behind as the mountains of diaries or previous blogs have in the past. 

 When I first started the idea of blogging I had the idea that it was going to be kind of like a diary...keeper of my thoughts and day to day activities. What I've come to realize is that with a blog you can't really say or write everything that you want. In a day and age where the things you put on the internet can affect your future prospects there are lots of things that get left out, but more than just censoring professionally inappropriate things (not that I should worry that much about it, I am La Angelita after all...jajaj just kidding), I realize that there are thoughts, that although they may be good for the entertainment purposes of this blog. Certain stories or opinions I have to share aren't meant to fall upon all ears (or eyes, I guess).

  I mean if I wanted to talk about how bad of a time I had at a certain person's party, or how certain people's decisions are cruel and life-altering, or how someone is a horrible wingman, or the deetz of a potentially budding love story that started in a beach town or big city. 

What if the people involved were to read those things and think I'm a horrible person for saying them? 
What if people don't really want stories about them on my blog? 
What if what I think/say gets thrown back at me for some reason?

It's questions like these that stop me from writing some potentially good blog posts, or keep me from going into further detail on certain aspects. Obviously this isn't going to keep me from writing, or keep me from posting interesting things that happen in my life, it just means I'm thinking about being careful AND if you're ever REALLY interested in more details of something questions about the things I write please feel free to tell me. Shoot me your email in the comment section or hit me up on facebook, I won't be shy. 

Thanks for reading! I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!!

 Look out for upcoming posts about Valencia and Spring Break!

<3 Cathy

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