Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy October!

Hey Hey everyone!!

  Happy October! I'm in my new place if you'd like to see my pad just go ahead and check out this video that I made to give a tour of the house since many people were asking to to give it to them on skype, but I couldn't since my room (atleast until Monday) doesn't have good WiFi reception. 

Tonight was my first night on the town so to speak, it was really great to hang out with auxiliares. We hit up this 50s American Diner (I know, we're sellouts :P) named Peggy Sue, got some Italian Ice Cream, saw cardboard cutouts for people to take pictures mooning lol, and just chilled in Sol watching street performers, people peddle purses, pirated movies, and beer, and get hit on by short creeper wannabe slick Spaniards lol.

So October is finally here, meaning getting to know more people (please be my friend lol), starting work (Ahh!) and really exploring the city!! A new month also means a new Reader Spotlight, so just a reminder first comment gets to be Reader Spotlight for November, and many thanks to Kenya for being the first ever Reader Spotlight.

Thanks for reading, its 3am, so Imma Say peace out y'all :)

<3 Cathy

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