Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We Are Not Invincible

Hey all,

Unfortunately the motivation that I have for coming and writing this blog is not one of joy, or excitement, or laughter. I'm here to share my thoughts and feelings after something very tragic happened this weekend.

A young man, loved by many, passed away. Taken away from those who love him far to early, leaving behind heavy hearts and wonderful memories. I didn't know this young man personally, but his story hits close to home. Not only because this tragedy happened in Rosamond, my very small home town, but because of the circumstances.

The connection I have with this young man lies with one very special person, my sister Lilly. Brett Wallis was 19 years old, and a diabetic. My sister is 19 years old, and a diabetic. From what I am told the reason for Brett's passing is because his sugar went too low during his sleep. When my sister gave me the news this Sunday, barely being able to speak tears down her face, my heart sunk. My sister has lived with diabetes since she was 7 years old, and Brett was one of the few people who could relate to her experiences. Any family who has had to deal with this, knows it's an emotional roller coaster.

It's unfortunate moments such as this that make us reflect and realize that we are not invincible. We are here on Earth for an amount of time, and we can't get an extension, or the chance to really say goodbye to the ones we love.

Which leaves me with an uneasy feeling as I prepare to be 5,792 miles away from those I cherish most. I know I can't be scared to go out and live my life, but I know now I will be saying I love you more often, and holding on a little longer when I give a hug. Skype is going to be my best friend next year.

My apologies to those reading this for my lack of coherency and semantic beauty (haha) that generally accompany my posts, but I just needed to write.

My heart and deepest condolences go out to the Wallis family.

RIP Brett <3


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