Thursday, June 9, 2011


Hey All!

This post was inspired by George Carlin's stand-up routine regarding "Stuff" (I'll give you a few to click the link and watch the video before I go

Okay now that we're all on the same page. I'd like to say that Mr. Carlin is right on target, especially with me...I have way too much stuff. These last few days that I've been at home trying to relax and enjoy the moments of not having any pressing responsibility on my shoulders, no meetings to attend, nothing to prepare, no emails to send, nada. All that awaits me is trying to figure out what I am going to do with my STUFF.

Part of the problem (not including my lack of inspiration to make it happen) is that I am working with a smaller space. My parents moved to a different house last year and therefore I have a different room, a smaller room than before. Strike two has to do with no more closet space in the hallways to be able to stow away some STUFF. Lastly, I have to figure out a good way to keep all of this stuff out of everyone's way and get only the necessary STUFF to take with me for 1-3 years to MADRID! (Where I will acquire more STUFF and have to give away/throw out/ sell upon my return)

You ask yourself.. "Well Cathy, if you're going to give away/throw out/ sell while you're in Spain, why don't you just do that with the STUFF that you have now?..." I wish I had a better answer for this other than, I have an extreme sentimental tie to every piece of STUFF that I own, making it very hard for me to do away with my STUFF. Unless its an absolute necessity-such has I'm leaving the country and have no way of taking it with me- the pangs of separation overtake my better sense of space . (I blame this on my genes because I have a mother and two grandmother's who hold the same sentiment about their STUFF)

You might say..."Well Cathy maybe there is an absolute necessity for you to get rid of your STUFF?" And I'd reply I'd love to think that but my brain is too smart to be fooled into thinking that there is not a little nook or cranny in my bedroom to avoid having to part with my STUFF. To my defense, I did manage to fill a large black trash bag with clothes (that are still good and nonetheless still hard to give away) to donate, and still in progress.

My battle with STUFF will be ongoing til I am able to get my own house to hold my STUFF (or cover for my stuff as Mr. Carlin likes to say). For now I shall just keep working toward preparing my little room to hold my stuff as I venture to Europe.

Thanks for reading. Comments are always appreciated.

Much Love,

Cathy <3

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