Friday, January 28, 2011

Last first week of the Wall Flower

Hey hey all
It looks like my resolution for 2011 is going to be harder than I thought. The problem with not updating more regularly is that through out all of the time away things happen and thoughts initiate that would be good for it's own blog post, but when they pile up (as I have let them do so) one of two things can happen. The first, would be keep the blog at a reasonable (readable) length and leave out some details that at the time were important but now it won't be the end of the world to leave them out. The second option would be to backtrack and catch up on every detail (making for a very long blog). I'd like to say that I'll be updating more in order to avoid having to make such a decision, but in the event that I am in that situation I'd like to think that I'll take the best of both worlds and not bore you all with a 2 page blog entry, no promises though...hahaha

-I am a wallflower-

Random jump I know, but it's a thought that has been bouncing around in my head for a while now. As much as I am perceived as the social butterfly, I really think that the more dominant part of my personality is the wallflower. I know there are several of you who would argue with this "C'mon Cathy, you're popular you have over 1400 facebook friends for heaven's sake, and everyone is always saying hi to you" But it's not really a question of popularity I guess. It's just more that I suppose most of the time I put others first, I am there and I observe, and only jump in at appropriate times when invited.

This I suppose is going to be another resolution for me in 2011. No not be the permanent fixture in the room. Sure I am always around, but never enough to make a lasting impression, countless times have I heard the phrase "You were there?...Oh yeah..." My goal is to hopefully achieve a more meaningful connection with the people that I interact with and form relationships that are going to matter after I cross that stage (on May 25, 2011 @ 6PM haha).

This first week of school seemed to be a good indication that there is a good chance for me to attain that goal. (Nice transition into a ligher subect, eh

My last "First Week of School" for undergrad...a strange thought.

So far this week I have really enjoyed my classes. Seemingly good interesting teachers, intriguing subjects, nice classmates, everything one would want, right? Right. I guess the only part I am trying to get over is that I am pretty much going to be living in the library from now until the end of finals. So much reading (that I am actually going to do this semester) and papers, and the money word for this semester "capstone"...capstone science class, capstone literature class, capstone Spanish thesis...but at the end of all this when I see all that I was able to accomplish, with the a full agenda will be a proud happy moment. :)

So dear readers (given that you've made it this far down my blog) I will wrap up my blog here with one final comment. I think the class I am most excited for this semester is improv. Yes, it's just a class that I am taking for fun, but I think I am going to learn a lot in there and really take my comedy skills to another level (although, my sister seems to think I'm not really as funny as I think I am, I hope you all disagree with her :P). So look out for future, and hopefully more frequent updates from your favorite (presumably lol) Cathy. Comments are always appreciated :)

<3 Cathy

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