Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ten Things I Wish I Had More Time For...

So this entry is inspired by the latest platica we had in our HAU meeting, so I really wanted to reflect and maybe give myself a little reminder of what I really want to be doing... so here it goes

1. Sleep
Need I say more...14 hour days at school and homework after that doesn't leave room for many ZZZ's

2. Working Out
I was so excited when I bought these dance work out videos I could do in the privacy of my own room but if you revert back to number 1, not too much left for dancing away the pounds...Winter Break here we come!

3. Singing
My new discovery of Glee has reverted me back to my high school days loving show choir and belting it out like the diva that I am, need to find more opportunities to showcase it.

4. Reading for pleasure
So many good books out there that are OUTSIDE of my curriculum.

5. Writing
Updating my blog, poems, lyrics, my upcoming book, pages and pages are just waiting to be released into the world from my mind to paper.

6. Watching Movies
I used to make it a habit of collecting movies, until i realized I had far too many that were still in its original packaging because I hadn't watched them yet. Soon enough I'll continue adding to my stack.

7. Having more lunch dates with friends/ phone dates with long distance friends
I think this whole "being insanely busy thing" has really had me more disconnected with the world than ever, I'm happy when I'm with my friends :)

8. Hanging out with my fam[ily]
My sister, my nieces and nephews, my cousins, my mom...etc. hopefully they can come out to my neck of the woods too...

9. Actually looking up all the words I've highlighted that I don't know
When I read in Spanish I highlight words I don't know the meaning of with the intent of looking them up to increase my vocabulary, I want to make an official list to have to refer back to.

10. Laundry
Self explanatory haha

Thanks for reading :) Feel free to ponder and think of what you feel is missing and make your own list. Comments are always appreciated :)


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