Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nothing in Life is Free

I hadn't realized how long it has been since my last posting, not a great start for someone who wants to blog regularly, but I guess life (and by life i mean school) has taken the fast lane, with far and few stops in between.

These past few weeks have been pretty overwhelming with 6 classes, a part time job, being president of 2 organizations (each with its own dynamics and deficiencies, I've been trying really hard to find the balance I need. The motivation that even though I'm exhausted (mentally and physically) to still keep on and finish that reading assignment for the next class that is going to come much too quickly. Slowly but surely it's coming to me, but this final year of undergrad is definitely whipping me into better shape than I intended.

I sometimes find myself pondering why I jump through these hoops and make life a little more complicated, but I know that is the exact thing that is going to make me come out on top and be a better person. I tried the simple route before and all that came of it was a bored and depressed Cathy. So no more limits just reaching for the sky.

So many new doors have opened to ideas that I hadn't totally considered, but are looking more like possible realities. I'm applying to go to Spain as an ambassador for next year then looking for universities to do my Masters Degree there, but if that doesn't work out perhaps I'll go for Teach for America, or something else that has recently more clearly come into my sight is Law School. After a fantabulous banquet/ awesome networking opportunity I went to this is may be a feasible option for me. Not knowing exactly what is going to go on in my life is kind scary but I guess in that lies the adventure.

To those who have judged me and think I'm living the easy life, it may be time to put on your glasses and realize that nothing in life is free, and though I have been fortunate I have earned my place.

Until next time (hopefully sooner than later)...

<3 Cat

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  1. Yay Cathy, we're all so proud of you and we know it's not easy but you're doing great! Love you, Pammy.