Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Super short post today...remembering a love that couldn't blossom into what it could have been. Siempre en mente...Have a great day everyone. Comments are always appreciated.

My Song

The beginning
A start
The first night I met you
You had my heart
That wonderful night
Come and gone
I thought it was only a memory
Like a really good song
An unexpected turn
In front of my eyes you are
My heart is full
Amazed at the moments we shared under the stars
Thats where it stays
Where the song remains
Too shy to pull forward
To pursue any gain
Long, hot days
Daydreaming of you
With a hopeful heart
That I was on your mind too
Saving this love
For you to enjoy
Pero cuando es tiempo
Sola estoy
Letting the memory fade away
With the tune playing faintly in the back of my head
Trying to move on
But getting lost in the music instead
A cold icy night
Like the blink of an eye
The cd is thrown out
No more chances to try
The song is over
The world is listening to something new
Now that I'm not under this blanket
I can finally hear it too
My music is a good memory
For now, A fairy tale turned tragedy
The quest is on again
For another sweet melody

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  1. So when will we hear some salsa notes under this poem?