Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Poetic Absence

So I know 2013 hasn't been my year for blogging... but I'm looking to change that (really, this time).

But my time away from this blog was not totally without words. April is National Poetry Month, and in that I participated in the challenge of creating 30 poems for 30 days. You can see the product of that here.

They say the way you become a better writer is by writing. I know I've made reference to this before, but during the month of April I really found this to be true. Even though it wasn't always easy to find something to write about on a daily basis, and trying not to sound too repetitive or too emo (not sure if I accomplished this one) but all in all I think it was a fabulous experience.

I reached a personal goal, which was to write poetry in Spanish. I churned out dos of my own mini masterpieces.

April is over... and there are still so many more things to write.

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