Thursday, September 8, 2011


Hey Hey all, 

So I'm sure you've all noticed the interesting title I gave this post (and if you didn't you're looking RIGHT NOW lol). The inspiration for this post came from a few conversations that I've had with some friends about keeping up a variety of social networking sites  (Facebook, MySpace (ok people don't really go on Myspace anymore, but if you're like my you haven't deleted it for the pictures/information that is on there), Google+, Twitter, LinkedIN, Blogspot (or any other similar to/supplemental to a blog site).

This discussion first came up when I was telling my friend I was considering getting a Twitter (mainly because I like hashtags #dontjudgeme, and because for professional and otherwise it seems like a lot of people are on there.) My dilemma being (and main point of this post) is that it's hard keeping up with multiple sites at once. I remember when fb first came out I was posting the same status to both, uploading pictures to both because I didn't want people to be missing out on what i had to say because they either refused to give into facebook, or deleted their myspace to get a facebook. Eventually the double posting faded as MySpace did. I guess I kinda figure if you're going to have a site open you might as well be updating it, the whole "if you're gonna do something, do it right" mentality. It's this line of thinking that has led me to not give into my slight temptation to get in on the tweet scene, and just commit the "horrible" crime of placing hashtags in my status anyway #addicted :P

But even though I have not given into twitter, there is still the pending question of Google+ (as illustrated in the comic above. And I think this video really describes it best. On the one hand everything with facebook is familiar (until they decide to do their latest update....), and you're pretty well set up (Thousands of photos and friends). Google+ isn't really fun right now because of the minimal people on there (which was also the case when fb was new and MySpace was the shizz).

Another interesting point that the video makes is that of starting over. It's kind of like what I'm doing in going to Spain, and what I got to do when I went off to college. You get to reinvent yourself. Instead of having to go through every picture/status/group/friend to censor, you just nip it in bud at the beginning and create the settings you want, and up.

We all have our own motives and means that we use (and abuse- see picture below lol) social media, but as it was mentioned in a previous post, It's a great tool to have while connected with the world, your circles. So go on and check your email, your facebook notifications, your blog comments, your twitter, your LinkedIn recommendations, your google reader, and all that jazz.

How many social networking sites do you all use? Have you succumbed to Google+ yet?

Well there's my two-cents. Thanks for reading <3



  1. That's hillarious about the hashtags! For right now I'm just using fb & blogspot ...OH, and then there were those few months this past winter when I obsessively used expatriatecafe forums, until I received my placement- where you part of that too?

  2. Lol I signed up for the expatriate cafe forum, but never really got used to checking it/the format. I used the FB groups for all of my questions/fears/research/venting lol